Haute Dogs

In my search for IKEA goods on the island, I ran across PAD. They bring a small selection of IKEA products to Oahu at a considerably marked up (345% in the case of the shelf I wanted to purchase) price. No IKEA piece is worth this markup; I can wait until I’m back on the mainland or Sara makes her Space-A IKEA run.

Hank and pad

However, it did lead me to this place: Hank’s Haute Dogs. The name and concept brought back nostalgia for my Tacoma days at BCRA. Hot Rod Dogs.  We loved going there. Well, maybe not Jenan so much, but the rest of us certainly enjoyed our share of lunch time dogs.

E&C 2

Photo bombed by hungry customer.

My sis Elise and Carl, making a reappearance on the island this week, were game for a lunch date at Hank’s. The place is small and was crowded minutes after they opened the door. Clearly word has gotten out.

picnic crew

Vance looks a little annoyed that I’m interrupting his hot dog bliss.

The hot dogs were as expected. Delicious! But, their best food offering is the french fries. The best I’ve had in a VERY long time. They also offer hamburgers for the hot dog unfriendly. There may be other things on the menu, but I didn’t have time to look. The line was swift.

Since I’m always taking photos from behind, I decided to do a face shot this time.

Seating indoors is limited to stools. Outside they have stools and also three picnic benches, frequented by some also “in the know” birds. The boys loved feeding them.

B on Bike

He has his mom’s flair for fun bike photos.


Just passing the middle of June a couple days ago, I thought I’d share the progress of my June Spring Cleaning. Really shouldn’t I wrap up this crazy idea by the Summer Solstice anyway? I wish I was close enough to finishing to make that possible.


First project: corralling the spices.

There aren’t leaps and bounds to report. Mostly a lot of furniture rearranging and recombining. I did make half a dozen trips to the thrift store with donations, sold some toys and gifted some clothes. Probably the biggest joy for me was organizing a few closets that were in serious need. I didn’t think to take before photos until some of them were already cleaned, but trust me, they were in a sorry packed state.

Cups Cupboard

Cleaned out the cups and clutter.

I always think I’m going to do a great job putting stuff away from the day the movers come. In reality, each time, I am so tired of looking at boxes by the second day, I pile them right into the closet and maybe get to cleaning them.

Master Closet

This closet is in the Master Bedroom. As you can see it was a catch all of who knows what. Vance did comment on how my Thirty-One bags came in handy in this closet.

As we prep for our separation from the Army and its endless moves, I felt it time to sort through our many boxes. I did discover one that we’ve hauled on each and every move since we’ve been married. The box and the contents. There’s a good chance it also moved from San Antonio to Belton with Vance prior to us getting married. That is one historic cardboard box!

Hall C after

My favorite of the closet clean outs: the Hall Closet.