clown bag

Did you know you can get this giant clown bag of popcorn at the movie theater for $15? Isn’t that the same price as their large? This was for a Mom’s Club function. Really.

A couple days ago, when Brendon’s friend was over playing, I eavesdropped on their conversation. It wasn’t intentional and I’m sure it’s the first of many times I will do this over the course of the boys’ lives. Turned out to be one of those rare moments where Vance and I got a pat on the back and also made me very proud of the boys we’re raising.

Brendon: “Your parents love you.”

P: “Ya, they love me a little bit.”

Brendon: “Mine love me a LOT.”

P: “Ya, mine love me, but only a little bit.”

Brendon: “That’s okay because I love you a LOT. Cause you’re my best friend.”

It was so sweet and I’m glad Brendon knows we love him a LOT. It’s a great reminder; we can never tell the special people in our lives how much they mean to us.


My free range chicks trying to escape up the hill. Brendon is dancing and John is trying to pretend I don’t see him. He loves capri pants; he’s Auntie Christie’s boy.

Bellows Beach

We run into people on a regular basis that LOVE Bellows Beach. Not just a little, they rave about it. We visited it once when we were very new to the island and were put off by all the campers and crowds.

V catching a wave

Vance showing the boys (in the foreground) how to catch a wave.

Figuring we must have missed something, from all the accolades, we gave Bellows another shot this weekend. Thankfully, it was much less crowded than last time; likely due to school in session and the sun setting on tourist season.

boys catching wave

Brendon, a born leader, was great at yelling, “hold your breath” to John when he could see John was about to get a lot of water quickly. John eventually called it a day after several big waves.

Bellows truly is a body surfer and boogie boarder paradise. The sand is soft and sticky, much like Lanikai,but  the beach itself is pretty narrow and since it’s not near any building development, the tree line is nearby….shade!

been dumped

Vance after a pretty rough wave exchange. Thankfully there are no known photos of mine, since my grand dumping included the loss of my bikini top.  A word of advice: tighten those straps!!

You could tell the regulars. They had boogie boards, fins and we even saw one guy with fin gloves. I still have not fixed the leash on our boogie board, so we stuck to body surfing. All of us getting dumped at least once. One of the best parts about Bellows is the abundance of FREE parking. We got there around 9:30 and there was still oodles of parking.

Sleepy bellows

Just as Alison mentioned, the never ending waves over relatively shallow water, produce a LOT of noise. Somehow this lulled our little Johnny boy to sleep. I spent a lot of time sitting in this chair, trying to even out my tan for family photos in a couple weeks and sporting my new packable Kate hat.

Brendon had his best beach day ever. Playing consistently for the entire time we were there. Catching waves, digging in the sand, venturing around looking for treasure. And the best part, we decided not to drag the jumbo bag of sand toys with us this time. Turns out we didn’t need them at all.

happy boys