Confessions of a stay at home mom

This blog had an alternate title: “What I do ALL day”,  which could be underscored with “Why is my house still messy?”

the usual

Brendon at 1 month old. This was his demeanor starting from day 2 to six months.

Akin to when I was pregnant with Brendon and am famously quoted, by my Aunt Paula, asking my older sister, “What do you do all day?”. She was a stay at home mom already and I was obviously clueless to what I would be doing all day long with an infant. Picturing lots of free time, napping, reading a book or two, etc. Reality was harsh.

all three

Brendon 2 1/2 yrs. John 2 months. Winston wondering why I had these two.

On the really rough days, one more boy added to the mix, I looked longingly at the moms of school age children. They had it made or so it seemed. ALL day by themselves. Ahhh. Turns out the school day is SIX hours and out of those six hours, roughly an hour is spent going early to get a decent parking spot, walking the boys in/out and waiting for the bell.

Boys to school

The first month I spent as a clock watcher; fearing I would forget my boys, I probably looked at the clock every hour. Thanks to Treena’s timely advice (couldn’t resist), I now set an alarm.

I will say it has been relaxing and productive for my crafting to have a quiet house. I enjoy going to the store without the double carseat unbuckle, the asking for toys and general chaos taking two small boys creates. I find myself daydreaming and most of all enjoy a shower without a little face peeking in the curtain to ask me for something (again).

crafting with boys

This is what my desk looks like when they’re home.

After our Army exit, I will most likely go back to work, so this year of school bliss, I’ve made a conscious decision to unpack my schedule. Vance reminds me, I may never have another time like this again. And while I could spend my days cleaning my house, I remain true to my one item per day cleaning schedule (Thank you Courtney!). I’m thankful for the FIVE hours alone, but five hours really isn’t ALL day.


Keto Breadcrumbs

I have been reserving this blog until I had a few working recipes under my belt. With much success last week,  I give you my big revelation: Chicaronies (Pork Rinds) as breadcrumbs!!

For the original Coconut Chicken recipe, click here. Substitute same amount of ground pork rinds for panko breadcrumbs to make it Keto friendly.

So far, I have successfully substituted these in meatballs, meatloaf and breaded coconut chicken. We are happy at Casa de McNulty to have some more easy weeknight recipes and even better, the return of our favorite turkey meatballs with tomato soup from Deceptively Delicious. The boys had no idea. 🙂

**If you are looking for pork rinds at the Hickam commissary, they are back by the freezer section, not in the chip aisle. I don’t understand the placement, but that’s where they are.**