Drop and Shop

We found out on short notice, our sitter was part of a Drop and Shop childcare fundraiser for Black Friday. Sign us up!!! The boys love her. In fact, Brendon has plans to marry her one day.


The trailhead.

runSo, what did we do with our five hours of Black Friday? Run of course. I had to get my mile for Run Awesome, details here. Hubby was a trooper and we did four.

We went to Moanalua Valley Trail, a chance find from one of my running buddies a few weeks back. Last week when Leah and I took to the trail, she noticed sign boards along the way. Previously, I was so myopically focused on running, I hadn’t even paid attention.



The steps to the filled in swimming pool.

stone ruin

An old post footing; typically used in Hawaiian house building.

fireplace ruin

This is the most substantial, besides the double staircase entrance, of the remaining ruins. The fireplace.

Today we explored one of the offshoots that leads to the remains of a once  grand estate, tucked among the trees. There was another showing petroglyphs, which were almost undetectable on the rock in person. Regardless, it is a great beginner hike or trail run.
It was still plenty slippery, even in my new trail shoes, due to drizzling rain. But nothing like the muddy adventure two weekends ago after a particularly heavy downpour the night before.

go for itMore on the besties muddy adventure at this trail found here.

wood firedNext up, pizza at Boston Pizza in Kaneohe. Our island favorite. There are changes afoot at Boston’s. Three weeks ago they installed a wood fired oven to produce a super thin crust pizza, personal size only. Unfortunately we were too early for samples and instead indulged in the Soprano. The best Jerry, the best! THIS is the oven Vance tells me he wants to get in the future. 

bricks signWhile on the windward side, we decided to visit  Bricks & Mini Figs, a Lego store featuring new and used legos, I’d only heard about a month or so ago. They host birthday parties, for a fee, and have a giant table of random legos to dig through.

bricks shop

used legos

Sorted by color. Ooo, la, la.

This dovetailed perfectly with Brendon’s current state of Mixel mania (not in stock anywhere on the island). It was a refreshing alternative to the big box shopping crazies. Essentially a mom and pop shop with a decent selection and a very friendly, yet not overly helpful staff. Vance even got a “free gift”. The prices didn’t seem over the top either.

And last in our day of kid free adventure, we stopped at the Marine Exchange for a bit of Christmas fun. The Grinch movie!!, our obligatory Black Friday gift purchase, and an old favorite, the DQ. Ahh, I have enjoyed these free calorie days of carbs and sugar, but my skin has not. Soon, we’re starting our pre Christmas detox. If I look upset when you see me next, it’s not you, it’s the sugar I’m missing.


This year I’m thankful for these three.  Another year stronger, healthier and bigger than last. Well, at least the bigger for the boys.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with our island family (the besties minus Sandra!!). It’s been so long since we’ve had such a delicious meal and relaxing company. We are so very blessed.