Fitness inspiration at the PFT

I’ve been in a lull with my fitness recently. It’s hard to pinpoint if it was the Hickam Half or the boys starting school, which coincided with me needing to be at the playground less, but I just have not been motivated to run or workout. I’m still doing those things to a much smaller degree than my norm.


Here we are before the run. We were still smiling at the end, just more sweaty and red.

Today was the Stroller Warriors® Fall PFT. I wasn’t dreading it, but I also wasn’t too excited either. I actually wore my shirt from last PFT; spent a bit too much time Christmas decorating yesterday. (click the green for the PFT last May)


Payge and I are a dangerous combination. Starting a little too fast, but yet unwilling to bail on one another. We’re running Xterra in two weeks, we will be starting SLOW! It was a PR run for me at 25:15 for three miles. I might also mention, I thought the run was 2 miles. Sandra informed me it was 3 when we hit the 1 mile mark. Oy vey, the mental defeat.


This is Sandra. If you need a role model, here you go. She had a baby this year, has ran over 500 miles, completing a marathon in December and smoked me on the run, pushing her dualie. I tried to draft her…

Something about watching these women push themselves beyond their typical limits is so incredibly inspiring. I’m not even ashamed to say I was out ran by three moms pushing strollers, one of them a dualie. These women are amazing!! This is probably why none of our male members have made it to the workouts, Cliff!!!; too stinkin’ intimidating.


That’s me in the background. I only made it 15 seconds this time. Half of what I did last time. This is where I see practicing really did help. Molly here in the front, is another great woman of our SW gang. She probably logs the most miles driven in the club and consistently makes more workouts than I do! 

According to the charts, found here, I maxed out my crunches, 100 baby!!, and with a total point count of 189, I still made the 2nd Class list. I improved overall by 10 points. I’m looking forward to the Spring PFT when I will move up an age bracket and only need 175 to be in the 1st class rank.

10626198_10205885892375019_5994118460170027514_o The best part is all the encouragement and smiles. Not a sour face or ill word spoken at the event. If I haven’t said it lately, it is felt daily, this group has truly changed my life for the better!

**photos courtesy of Stroller Warriors® Pearl Harbor**

A bit of Rowdy Fun

This morning Vance and I attended the Paradise Cup Competition, pre judging. A couple guys from his clinic were in the competition, which we unfortunately did not get to see on stage due to starting late, this is Hawaii, and limited sitter time. We had a great time regardless.

chey hulk

We followed a group wearing these shirts. The front had a silhouette of a female in a bikini with the words, “Chey Hulk” on it. There were at least 20 of them sitting directly behind us and they were LOUD when she hit the stage!! So loud, someone across the room started yelling “order”. A local girl.

During our hour and a half of competition viewing, we watched the Women’s Figure (bodybuilding essentially) and Women’s Bikini (defined but not crazy). The Men’s competitions were classic body building and a physique division wearing board shorts. The last division is the one we were there to see, since Hubby is still toying with the idea of entering at some point.

pump room

The women donned these shorty robes. They were everywhere. I was seriously waiting for Hugh Hefner to make an appearance at some point. Thankfully, the male competitors preferred to wear ultra baggy clothes prior to competition!

I knew where we were going. I fluffed my hair, put on some makeup and looked in the mirror and actually thought the words, “I am pretty lean”. HA!!! There was some serious intimidation at the competition. I was one of the LEAST lean/defined/toned (whatever!) people in the room and the room was packed.

Figure chey

One of the Women’s figure groups. Chey Hulk, third from the right.

How is the crowd at one of these competitions? ROWDY!! And I hear they are even more animated at the evening show. There were so many yells from the audience for the women to “put your legs together”, “smile”, “tuck your tummy”. Say What?! There wasn’t anything that resembled what I would call a tummy on stage. It was pretty entertaining.

Bikini group

One of the Women’s Bikini divisions. There was a point in this division where the ladies do a backside view in a very compromising position. I would be wary taking my sons.

Some of the ladies were really scary and some shouldn’t have been on stage. Granted these ladies, if seen on the beach would have knockout bodies, they were just out of their league next to the super lean and defined ladies. And there were a handful of ladies, mostly in the bikini division with enviable physiques.
A must visit if there is any inkling of getting in super lean and defined in the back of your mind. Or you’re just in the mood to get rowdy at 8:30 in the morning.

Chico light

At my college architecture job. A little thick in the torso and messy desk, as usual.

In college there was a point I actually considered doing a fitness competition. I read Oxygen magazine, tortured my friend Curtis with a memorable protein laden dessert (he was a trooper!) and weight trained very consistently. Then I discovered the mandatory routine portion. I am not coordinated enough for that. Bikini it is!! I kid. There is no way, at this point in my life, I could envision getting on stage.
**my photos are not the best. If you want to see better photos of the competition, or the Men’s divisions, google Paradise Cup.**