Laundry Day

jewelry organizer

The jewelry organizer I settled on for the right price of $16 from my beloved Target. Can’t believe it took me this long to organize my precious pieces. Lots of Steinen love there.

I’m making good on some of my vintage to-do’s these past couple weeks. One of which is cleaning out the drawers and closets once again. It takes me several small passes to get them cleaned out. I just don’t have the heart to do a mighty overhaul in one take. I know organizational posts aren’t super exciting, but I just had to share this game changing way of organizing drawers.

My drawer

My shirts. Rolled and stacked. Never has it been so easy to grab and go!

In the midst of hunting for jewelry storage ideas that didn’t involve a freestanding armoire (oh to dream) I ran across a post about storing clothes in rows instead of stacking them flat. Who knew I would love it so much. Sure the running tops are a bit floppy, but I can see everything in one glance and my drawer stays organized.

John drawer

John’s drawer. From right: long sleeves, short sleeves, shorts and pants. I’m enjoying his clothes being so small they all fit in one drawer.

I was on such a high with it, I organized hubby’s and the boys’ dresser in the same way. It has been such a nice change. Brendon loves it and keeps his drawers nice and tidy now. John, well, he’s 3. He doesn’t like anything, but at least his drawer stays tidier than it did before. Making laundry day (that’s everyday in our house!) that much easier.

John award

The best photo from yesterday’s GLOing Eagle Assembly. John was excited about his award; not so much about me leaving afterward. Brendon, the people pleaser like his ma, took it pretty hard not receiving an award.

Blue Derby Dress

front of derby

Love my untanned feet.

In the midst of a sew along, what does one do while they wait for their next step…sew up a second Derby dress of course! This time I made View A, with the contrast Peter Pan collar. I opted not to add the large ruffle at the base and made a made matching fabric belt just as I did for View B. A super quick sew.

I chose some almost sheer cotton lawn, so instead of using the facings as per the pattern, I did a fully lined version and am really happy with the results. I’ll take princess seams over darts any day!

Back of derby

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.14.58 AM

The Marianne Dress Sew Along has a couple weeks left; really looking forward to debuting that dress (despite some cutting issues that may have required a glass of wine to handle).