Wardrobe Architect Challenge 2015

I mentioned on Facebook I was going to do the Wardrobe Architect Challenge and now that I’ve gotten a bit into it, I thought I’d share more about it. The objective of the challenge is to find your personal style. What looks good on you, which items make you feel good while you’re wearing them and what you think you love, but ultimately rarely wear if you purchase. As part of the challenge, the writers, an indie pattern company, also want you to create a homemade wardrobe. Not sure I will do that as I’ve had some disasters sewing garments, which are shattering to both sewing confidence and my pocketbook.

After completing the first four weeks, I’m excited to see the progress and move toward a more cohesive style and focused spending on items to round out my core wardrobe. If you’re interested, I give you one warning, the blog posts are WORDY!!! seriously wordy and lengthy. It almost turned me away as I’m more a learning through pictures person. But the assignments are easy and most of all fun.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 7.48.24 AM

Click here to see the Pinterest board in more detail. My five words are: Timeless, Simple, Feminine, Vibrant and Contemporary. (yes, I realize Timeless and Contemporary could potentially be contradictory)

Week two was my easiest week. Finding three to five words that describe your current style, as well as your style aspirations. I had already created a pinterest board, which I edit regularly for Stitch Fix purposes, so I just went though my board again and made sure everything on there fell into one of my word choices.

Week four was a little more daunting. Finding Silhouettes. Um, what exactly are we doing?! Thankfully, there were visual examples and I was able to come up with five basic silhouettes I routinely wear.

Silhouette 1

Silhouette 1: Knee length dress + sandals. This is my go to, for one item dressing. Looks slightly more polished than most of my other daytime looks.

Silhouette 2

Silhouette 2: Shorts + Top (varies) + Flip flops. I decided to lump all the tops together in this one, because I wear all of these equally with shorts. This is my most frequently worn silhouette.

Silhouette 3Silhouette 3: Loose athletic pants + Fitted Top + Sandals. Sometimes paired with a light cardigan or a long sleeve top. If you saw me last week, I was sporting this silhouette at least three days.

silhouette 4Silhouette 4: Knee length skirt + Loose Top + Flats. This is a silhouette I used to wear quite a bit and have gotten away from as I’ve settled into a rut of ultra comfy clothes. I want to get back to putting this silhouette into practice more.

Silhouette 5Silhouette 5: Skinny jeans + Loose top + Flats. This is my “going out” outfit. It’s too hot to make this a regular silhouette here in Hawaii, but I do foresee more use as we transition to the mainland late this summer; post triple digit season.

I made these silhouettes using Polyvore. Oh my, I thought Pinterest was addicting. I actually had to give myself a time limit to make these combinations; I could’ve easily spent hours. I discovered, around silhouette 4, that you can sort by brand. Oh that would’ve saved me time. Check it out if you dare…it’s FREE.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the process and I’m looking forward to February. The closet purge!! I really need this.

Grateful by way of flu

urban Garden

Our house has been hit by the flu. Notice the silence on the blog. Thankfully it’s the fever and chills kind and not the constant visiting the bathroom version. But the flu, none the less. Hubby was last weekend, even forced into taking his first sick day in two years. John was midweek and you guessed it, I was this weekend.

It has been a VERY long time since I have been this sick. Practically tied to my bed all day Saturday with fever, chills and whimpers. As I pondered “What is the purpose of the flu?!!” several times, I struck up on my word of the year. Grateful.

Over the course of thirteen and half years of marriage, our relationship has morphed several times and often our lives are solely focused on the minis who demand so much attention. It’s just the way life goes sometimes. It took being bed ridden by illness for me to see, once again, what a loving hubby I have.

He managed the boys all day, took them out of the house for several hours a few times, doing such a great job I don’t know if the boys thought I was even home. They never sought me to fix their squabbles or make them food. Very rare for a Saturday, or any day for that matter.

John for president

It’s the mundane things, like the flu, that have a way of reminding us to be grateful for the people in our lives.