Running Boy Turns 6

My biggest boy is now the ripe ol’ age of SIX!

Running Boy6

We started calling him Running Boy when he was 2. He loved running up the hill behind our house in Spring Lake and distance running definitely seems to be something he still enjoys.

Brendon 2yr Card

Recently he told me he didn’t want me calling him Boozy-B (his infant forward nickname) anymore. He just wants to be Brendon. So this is how it goes as they grow older I guess. *sigh* It makes me cherish the endless hugs and last kisses daily at the classroom door.

lego crayons

The Elementary School the boys attend maintains a healthy guidelines policy (or some such thing), which essentially is a polite way of asking parents not to bring cupcakes for every birthday celebration. Deep in my Valentines Pinterest surfing a few weeks ago, I ran across this lego crayon mold idea. A great idea for what to do with those pesky broken crayons. Sold!

Coloring Books

Feeling inspired, I also created this mini coloring book for the kiddos to go with the crayons. This is my alternate to the big birthday party where we invite all the monkeys over to ravage my house. I’m not ready for that, yet. Nor do I know if I will ever be.

Happy Sixth Birthday Boozy-B, uh, I mean, Brendon!


Back to the Bike

I’ve complained to a handful of people already about my foot, but thought I better put it out there on a  mass scale, as my fellow Stroller Warriors® might wonder where I am as the weeks go by.

As it turned out, not running Great Aloha was the best decision I’ve made in terms of running in a few weeks. I didn’t run because it seemed I had bruised the tendon between my two smallest toes, making walking painful at days end. The following day, not only was it still hurting, but the outside of my foot was swollen.

Ford Island

An oldie, but goodie; morning run on Ford Island.

After some x-rays and another evaluation, it was discovered I have a fractured toe. Oh my. I think it happened when I jammed my toe on the door frame in our house a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think it was that bad and still managed to pack in 18 running miles that week. Combine with that a bit of bursitis on the outside of the toe from who knows what (possible shoe issue??) and the result is a break from running for at least  a few weeks.

To keep my endurance training in tact, I’ve switched to stationary biking. Yesterday was my first day and I’ll admit I really have missed biking. I used a trainer with my bike in our garage, up until I was 7months pregnant with Brendon and even some when I was pregnant with John. Just what I needed for a change of pace and still be able to train for the Hapalua Half in April.

Olsen to wed

I looked for an old photo of me biking to work, on my trainer, when I worked from home in Arizona, which I never found. Instead I ran across this gem from the days of pranking one another at the office. I give you Jenan and myself as the Olsen twins.