Adventures in Space (A)

early morning

Despite much anxiety and a classic, less than accommodating hop experience from England by Vance, circa 1992, we decided to take our first, and likely last, Space-A flight to California as an Active Duty family.

luggage rider

With all the waiting at the terminal, Brendon came up with this luggage riding game. Pretty soon, both boys were doing it. Thankfully the terminal was relatively empty.

After polling a couple successful seasoned veterans of Space-A travel and a few visits to the Hickam terminal, we were signed up and set for virtual roll call at 0220. In the wee hours before the roll call was to release, the flight was changed to in-terminal roll call. Having us get our boys and luggage down to the terminal by 0420 for possible (definitely not guaranteed) travel. I won’t say Space-A is convenient, but the price is certainly unbeatable.


Coloring book with crayons, crazy straw, airplane stickers and a plastic/metal wings pin.

In a stroke of Irish luck, we received four spots on a “commercial bird”, contracted flight to Travis AFB. The flight featured 40+ regular seats, windows, and first class service. We received full size snacks and drinks, goodie bags for the kiddos, a three course hot meal and hot washcloths in between. A seriously enjoyable flight for $8.70 per person total cost.

The only downside was flying into Fairfield. There is nothing more fun than driving four hours after flying for five hours with two small boys. Certainly a stop to walk around at the Jelly Belly Factory would have helped to settle little tummies, but what does mumzy know? They might listen to my advice next time after having to clean the car following a very motion sick little fella.


Notice they are BOTH sitting with me. (Departing flight)


Again sitting with me, despite only two seats between the three of us. (Returning Flight)

We purchased return flights on Hawaiian airlines prior to our trip, so we’d be certain to make it back on time for work and school. While I would definitely recommend the hop to Travis, I was pleasantly surprised by the service on Hawaiian as well. They gave a decent continental breakfast, plenty of snacks and drinks and a complementary Mai-Tai.  During an outbound delay, John and I may have started a trend of running to the bathroom, ignoring the illuminated seat belt sign, and sparked general chaos among the many young passengers on our flight. Oops! Who can predict when a preschooler needs to use the potty after all?!


….meanwhile, behind us…**one of them did actually sit with Vance for a good amount of each flight**





All Quiet

It’s been quiet on the blog this week. Partly we haven’t done much new and notable and partly because I’m studying for my California licensing exam

11 days and counting…

I’d like to say I’m totally prepared, but instead, I’ve finished my Iris Hawaiian quilt, organized my closet by type and color, memorized the Noonday catalog, washed, folded and put away (all on the same day!) oodles of laundry. Yes, procrastination at it’s finest. I’m so out of the loop on studying; not that I was any good at it when it was a regular part of my diet.

CSE Study

Ah well…I should get back to it! Hopefully fun adventures in California to follow. Not sure I’ll mention the test if I don’t pass. So, if you don’t read about the test for the next six months, you’ll know what happened. Prayers and well wishes on the 18th, 9am.