Hunting Textiles

I’ve been on island for a bit over two years now and am often surprised by the lack of certain goods. One in particular is apparel fabric. There is a fabric megastore here, FabricMart, mostly specializing in Aloha fabric, but they do carry a handful of other fabrics and notions. Trust me, I have spent a good deal of time and money in Fabric Mart. They actually recognize me. Partially I’m sure because I’m not of Asian descent and yet my middle name, “Cardenas” has really caught their eye.

I also ship in fabric from They have a wonderful selection and they give an extra inch per yard just to be safe. You can also return uncut pieces and notions if they don’t live up to your expectations; shipping isn’t outrageous, but it isn’t cheap either.

Hidden Yardage

In my latest hunt for fabric, (Sylvie was released on Tuesday!!), I stumbled on a small fabric store, Hidden Yardage, tucked just off the Pali Highway,  specializing in apparel and cotton fabrics. It is SMALL. Like, smaller than my living room small, but they have some fantastic offerings. I spent an hour in that little space and had to remind myself I am moving in two months, to limit my sudden urge to over purchase.


The store hours are limited, so if you intend to go, check their website ahead of time, where you’ll learn they actually have 9-5 jobs and run this business as a hobby. What a wonderful way to follow your dreams within a safety net. They have a small selection of notions and offer a few well priced sewing classes in the back room. The ladies sewing in there this morning were genuine entertainment. The fabric that I looked at ranged from $8 – 15/yard, pretty standard for good quality cotton. And, they do NOT carry Aloha fabric.

I know there are two other small fabric stores on island and I’ve never ventured into them, so they could be just as fabulous, but this one caught my eye and was super easy for driving and parking. On that note, read their instructions of how to enter the parking garage (validated with purchase!); it saved me from driving around the block, as per my garmin.

Sylvie supplies

Now just waiting for my Sylvie pattern. Why oh why didn’t I purchase the digital version?!

Change of Pace

I am only ELEVEN miles shy of my year running goal and had plans to complete them by May’s end. Unfortunately, the shin splints I’ve been nursing (and running with) have turned to sharp shooting pain. Let’s just say, it was a good thing Alison wasn’t home this morning when I had a mini meltdown outside her place as it became very apparent I wouldn’t be running this week.

As it turns out, today I finally made time to meet hubby at the Combat Gym on Schofield, something he’s been mentioning for over a year and just what I needed as a follow on to my no run morning. What is the Combat Gym? It’s just what it sounds like, a gym specialized in training for combatives. Think American Ninja Warrior.

Gym exterior

Located on a rough paved road, no marked parking, is this huge warehouse (the gym). Across the gated yard is this humble Latrine building (the walls do not go to the ceiling, just fyi, incase you need to use them), another unmarked quonset hut where they do combatives and a concrete pad for tire flipping directly behind the latrines. Interesting. What am I in for??

I heard one of the instructors, who was giving a tour to a couple soldiers, say the gym was a hidden gem on post and he wasn’t kidding. It put all other gyms I’ve been in to shame. The place was tidy, well ran and not packed three deep on every machine. As it turns out a few of other therapists from Vance’s clinic showed up near the end of our workout to also “push the sled”. If it’s a favorite place for Physical Therapists to workout, you know it’s good! (They have an entire gym in their clinic, mirroring what you would find in a typical gym.)

Gym interior

The Facility – Looking from both directions. Yes, that is turf.

Indoor events

Pegboard and climbing rack. Remember Ninja Warrior? I wasn’t about to try these, even though there were only a handful of us in the gym. My upper body strength is nearly non existent.

the workout

The workout – (far left) The sled. This is how Vance lured me to the gym. Pushing this sled (middle) is an extremely tough workout. Sure you think it’s not that far, then you get to one end only to realize you have to push it all the way back. You can add weights to it too, you know, to really up the challenge. And of course, I should’ve known as long as we’ve been together, hubby would sneak in some upper body weights too.

rope warOne, two, three, four, I declare a rope war. I lasted about 15 seconds, maybe.


Along with the military vehicles driving about, something that isn’t a regular occurrence on Shafter, I’m going to miss signs like these. There is such comfort in the military life.

Directions update: Enter Schofield through the Lyman Gate. Once you go through the signal (Humphreys), make the second right. There is no road sign, but a little detour sign. On both sides of the road you will see large warehouse buildings, park in front of either of these, nose in. The gym is on the Right.