For the Love – Book review and comment

Fellow Hatmaker fans, I know you are in the midst of devouring Jen’s latest book, or maybe you’ve sped through it and already finished, like yours truly. First let me say, being on the mainland has afforded me such luxury as getting my book a day earlier than scheduled. Ah, the joys of speedy shipping. Second, the book is really entertaining and easy to read quickly, especially if you are supposed to be studying for a three and a half hour exam you have to retake and you’ve got a master’s degree in procrastination.


Jeggings/Leggings/Fashion Confessional. I’m jumping right to the good parts! This is hands down the best chapter in the book for laugh out LOUD reading. Just ask my hubby. As stated it the book we are all victims of these fashion faux pas. I may at this very moment be squeezed into my skinny jeans which look dangerously like jeggings. My hubby asked why they are so tight. Ha! Maybe because I’m at the upper end of the weight threshold for these pants after gaining my PCS ten. But, I do follow rules well: case in point, I’m wearing a long loose shirt.

A close second for my favorite parts are the Thank you notes portion. The part about the Poop Bidet, sent me into a giggle fit. I tried two times to read it out loud to my hubby only to end in hysterics. Why did I even attempt it?

So beyond the funnies and candid tales, Jen gets down to business about being way too hard on ourselves, setting us up for failure against a Pinterest standard and really encourages us to reach out and make physical relationships, not just virtual connections that have a tendency to only be our “best selves” and not our complete, true and meaty personality. Giving grace and love, creating supper clubs and our own version of church on the back porch are among the suggestions I’d love to put into action in my own life.

If you are around 40 years of age currently, there are so many blatant and subtle references to our growing up era; they are added gems that catch you completely by surprise! Now if you grew up in a conservative Baptist church in your youth – double bonus. You are going to love this book!

My only criticism of the book is the wordiness of some sections. A little overkill on the repetition. I admit there are a few chapters I flat out skimmed. Don’t worry, I did this with Gone Girl also and I still was up to speed. I don’t need to read letters to your children…that’s what we have baby books and blogs for. But ah well, again, I am such an offender in this area. Ask anyone who knows me. I repeat myself all the time. Sometimes within the same conversation. It just happens when you’re of the chatty sort.


Oh! I almost forgot, there are recipes in there too! I’m totally trying the chocolate cake fingers.

Back to School 2015

Oh what a difference a year makes!

Last year, I promptly typed the boys first day of school adventures and this year I’ve yet to make mention they’ve even started. Strange because I have so been looking forward to this day; most intently since our relocation kicked off. Underfoot does not begin to describe the state of affairs at our place.

Without further adieu:

B first day

Monday was Brendon’s first day of FIRST GRADE!!! No more baby steps, this is the big time. A number grade! He was super nervous, but really excited at the same time. He’s a people person and more than ready to make friends. To really kick off the school year, we had him ride the bus home on his first day. On his arrival home he proclaimed: “I had a GREAT first day of school!!” Success. One down, one to go.

True to her profession, Brendon’s teacher “educated” me this morning on not having him in the proper place on the morning of day two. I’d argue her note was a bit unclear, but you know…

J first day

Today was Johnny Boy’s first day of Pre-School (Pre-K, if you will). He did not want to go. He flat out stated this fact. He walked out of his room like his legs were full of lead and his knees were broken. Finally, we had to break out the three part cocktail: bribery, threat, and kitchen timer.

I was picturing a total meltdown like we had half the year last year; Ms. Goode having to hold a sobbing boy, while I ran around the corner. But he did FANTASTIC! It probably helped Brendon went into the room with him, introduced him to a few kids, showed him the toys. You know, doing what Brendons do best – take over. (I wonder where he gets it? Probably his Grammy Tina!)

walking in

Brendon must have asked him a dozen times if he was excited this morning. Finally John yelled out that he wasn’t excited at all! Despite lack of enthusiasm, John said he had a great day, but he was very tired. He was so tired he had to take a nap: “You know, they have a cot with my name on it?!” I bet they do!