FIRE man

John invented a new superhero and corresponding costume to go with it: FIRE MAN!!!



And you might not notice, but there are red “x’s” on his arms (very near the sleeve), those are so you know not to touch him. Why? BECAUSE – His face is on FIRE!!!


Missed a spot.

The future Braveheart? Only time will tell.


Jelly Bean Friday

I’ve been in a real mood lately. Not sure what was driving it completely, but the most trivial of things have set me off the past couple of weeks. I keep telling myself it could be much worse: I’d have actual problems to worry about, but try as I may I couldn’t stop this mood. My snowball of angst continued to grow.

Then something really amazing happened, following a serious PUBLIC mommy tantrum in the line for the 8 and under Diestelhorst Dash on Thanksgiving day. I started running. Yes, you are reading this correctly, I ran in the children’s run at the Turkey Trot – between the flags, past the chipmunk mascot, amid the cheers from parents, grandparents, friends and family. It was awesome. I realize they were cheering for the children, but something about it really sparked something in me. It hadn’t dawned on me how much I had missed running in a public forum until that moment.


No idea how this tied into Thanksgiving.

Turkey Trot Sign

John really wanted his picture with this Turkey sign; bless Uncle Pete! This also meant that Brendon needed his photo also taken with the sign.

We continued with the 2mile Turkey Trot with my Sis Celestina and her hubby Pete. Brendon ran 1.5 miles and John a half a mile of it;  we couldn’t be more proud! I came home dark mood lifted and soul restored. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Why the realization that the lack of physical exercise in my life was largely to blame for my mood never hit me before that moment, I will never know. But let’s hope for the sake of my little family that I don’t forget!!


All photos courtesy of Cel & Pete; my phone died as soon as we arrived at the run. **source of the day’s mommy tantrum**

As part of our negotiations for Thanksgiving dinner locations (odd to have to choose between sides of the family – we are new to this!), going to Sacramento included a follow on visit to the Jelly Belly Factory. Almost a year overdue, but who’s counting??!! It was just as fun as I remembered when above mentioned sister and I went together 20 or so years ago.JB Factory

JB fun

Look at these Belly Flops. John refused to wear his hat the other direction after the selfie (still getting the hang of the selfie stick). Doesn’t Vance look like he should be working at Johnny Rockets?

The boys loved it! All three of them. We took the factory tour, where they are more than generous with the free jelly beans at several stops, enjoyed the free jelly bean bar, purchased a delicious bag of “flops” and thankfully beat the crowd. Go EARLY!! A definite must stop if you are near Fairfield.


And what do our wondering eyes did appear along Highway 80? IKEA!!!! It feels like forever since we had set foot inside an actual IKEA store, so why not? It was Black Friday after all!!! and they have a play place where the boys were able to burn off some of those jelly beans before the long car ride home. We didn’t come away with any purchases, but it was nice to just cruise the showroom and of course the self-serve aisles. Oo, la, la! Vance was totally itching to push one of those carts. I just know it.

**Post delayed due to finally getting a new phone!! Happy Early Christmas to ME!!!**