Last week, I noticed John’s class had changed their bulletin board to this giant turkey, with feathers of thankfulness from each of the students. John has recently been a bit of a stinker at home, but it does look like he’s still thankful for us, regardless.


Let me zoom in for you:


Melt my heart.

John has really loved that he and his Papa have the same name.

And what am I Thankful for this week? The Fall Break Camp at the YMCA!! Last year they sent home fliers about this, but only Brendon could go and it just didn’t make fiscal sense. This year, since John’s school was already covered over the short week, I decided to go for it with the Y.

SO GLAD I did!! And so was Brendon. He loved it. Even told me he had so much fun, he didn’t miss me. Nothing like a child to tell you in complete honesty how they feel. They had art classes, free play, game time and swimming in the HEATED!! indoor pool, which was Brendon’s favorite part.

Fall Camp1

Photo courtesy of Shasta YMCA Facebook page. She said his colorful drawing that earned him the prize will be posted either Friday or Monday. I’m betting on Monday.

There were 20 enrolled in his program (they had multiple sites) and yesterday was awards for behavior, different games and even five prizes for artwork. Brendon said he was really nervous because there were only five, but he walked away with “Most Colorful”. We will definitely be doing Winter Break Camp next month! I almost forgot to mention the camp runs from 7am to 6pm each day. OH YEAH!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

It’s a great day!

Friday, the boys skipped school in the name of a family trip to Beale AFB. I know, you thought hearing about our retirement was over, well, not just yet. Vance still needed to hand over his CAC card in exchange for the coveted blue retiree card. So, despite Brendon’s plea to not mess up his perfect attendance, (he doesn’t understand the government doesn’t work on the weekends), we ventured down Yuba way.

Turned out to be a fantastic day trip. We exposed the boys to great 80s music, once again felt the homey-ness of an military installation and came away with a load of tax free low cost groceries!  Brendon was later heard singing Karma Chameleon, which should go very well with their Ice Ice Baby renditions.

Card in hand

Can you see the hint of smile of Vance’s face?

Shear joy is the most accurate description to the sound in their voices when they saw the eXchange!! Strangely this one had no Fast Franks, Anthony’s Pizza or Popeye’s, but there was a BK Broiler outside and I experienced a classic BX cashier. A must really on any installation visit.

Beale Commissary

This is the commissary at Beale. This has to be a secret base, with a very small active duty population. It was so empty, they still serve hot coffee that you are allowed to drink in the store and they were handing out jerky and Gatorade samples in the store. Oh the prices! I have missed commissary pricing. Not to mention this is just one of the THREE empty flame carts lurking outside. Free for the taking!! Unheard of! (Sandra? Payge?? Are you reading this??)

John exclaimed, “This is a GREAT day!” as we strolled the aisles of the BX; indeed it was!!

AZ license

Love how she punched out my birth year. No over 21 purchases for the next two weeks!

And the latest ID cards: Vance’s will expire when he’s 65 and mine expires next year. You know they have to keep on top of the spouse situation. Thought I’d also mention, in another full circle moment, we also took our California’s drivers license test on Thursday last week and will be trading in our AZ licenses, which would expire at our 65th birthdays, for our ORIGINAL California license numbers, from when we were 16 years old. Even the clerks were shocked we were still in the system after all this time. Who says you can’t go home again?

Beale selfie

The playground at Beale, where we may or may not have been spotted playing tag in the sand volleyball court. We have missed base playgrounds.