Sewist Milestone

Sometimes you wonder how far you’ve come with a skill. You feel really wonderful hitting a milestone and then turn around the next thing you sew is sub-par. In my mind, I think this must be how golfers feel on a particularly low game (hole?), following a personal victory. We have them in all sorts of situations – a bad run, a day where nothing goes right, your child shoots you with a nerf gun at close range, oh wait, that last one might be different entirely.

Anywho, I’ve had ups and downs with my sewing and lots of lag time lately with any garment projects. A month ago, trolling the Anthropologie sale pages, waiting for my boys to get out of school, I spotted this dress and fell in love. I justified it was on sale!! And $70+ was WAY better than the original $100+ price tag. By the time the dust settled and I got back to the computer, the dress was long gone and I didn’t have to talk myself out of spending the money. (SEE it was just that fantastic!) And then, that thought that creeps in my mind when I see dresses online, came back to haunt me. You could make this!

Anthro dress

Indeed I could. It’s taken all this time to gather supplies and carve (my latest favorite word) out the time to make it happen, but it happened. Cut and sewn in a single day! Using the Marianne pattern by Christine Haynes as the base.


Try to ignore my overly zealous fringe. It needs a trim…

This is the fifth Marianne I’ve made, if you could call this a Marianne. Two were straight pattern creations (one and two here; three and four here) and three were adaptations, although this was by far my most adapted version yet. Maybe we should call her Annie.

Luckily I have thin wrists because I cut the sleeve mighty tight, but it totally fit like I had hoped!! The original Marianne has a tiny neck hole (Not sure “neck hole” is the technical terminology) in my opinion and I have a very narrow head. I modified that with this version and also added a floppy turtleneck. I’m not a huge turtleneck fan, but floppy ones I do like.


Is it better when they’re pulled back?

I shortened it a good deal to tunic length. The daring Redding-ites on a sunny day might don this sans underpinnings for a “suns out, buns out” type of look, but I myself of four decades breadth, prefer a skirt or even some leggings!! (Christie can you believe I’m saying this?) for a bit of modesty and style.


Happy Dance!!! **Thanks Hubby! for indulging me once again.**

All in all, you haven’t seen this gal do a happy dance quite as happy as the one she did last Sunday night. It took a week to get photos and three photographers. It’s hard to get motivated in this cold weather for outdoor shoots and the lighting in my house is not conducive to photos.

selfie sunday

I found these on the camera today. Taken just after I asked Brendon to take my photo for this blog on Wednesday. There’s at least a dozen of the first posed shot and several handstand attempts. One can only assume John took them.

**Although I’ve clearly made this pattern before and own the printed instructions. Each time, I tune into Christine’s Sew-along for step by step instruction. I do love it so! **