Eskimo Hill

Another first for the boys happened yesterday: SNOW!!!!

Brendon was an infant when we survived the Maryland Snowmagedon and he was around snow very briefly as a toddler when we lived in North Carolina, but he has no memory of actual snow encounters. John even less.

Eskimo Hill

Eskimo Hill – view from the top

It’s hard to imagine a further departure from the beaches of Hawaii and yet, the event was eerily similar. Gear up and load car, fret around in a panicked last minute hunt for snow boots, prep, prep, prep, followed by long car ride to the snow and then within 30 minutes John declares he’s “done”. Turns out his face was just really cold. Bought us an extra hour – sort of like pretzels and fruit snacks did at the beach.


At the bottom. Who’s carrying the sleds? Oh don’t mind me back here….

That being said, they absolutely LOVED it. We might have actually touched on a sport Brendon really enjoys – sledding! (Snow sports) Never have I seen him so willing to make the effort to climb a large hill and then insist on riding alone, face first down said hill. His face was completely red from all the snow blasts an hour plus in, but he kept going.

Ready for the big hill!

Ready for the big hill!

John had a hard time with the big hill, so we transferred him to the little hill, gave him my head wrap and he did FANTASTIC! **Side note: need to get a couple more head wraps. There was also a “do self” issue – he didn’t want any help and the little hill afforded him that independence.

John doing it

John on the little hill. Brendon and hubby are the dark spot on the far left. Vance ended up piggy backing him up the hill after awhile. John: “I LOVE this weather!!”

If you read the Yelp reviews (here), you expect it to be complete and utter chaos and I’m sure it probably is on the right weekend and later in the day. Typical McNulty fashion we were second to the hill and left as it was starting to pick up traffic around mid-day. Only one other car was there when we arrived and we had the hill to ourselves for at least 30-45 minutes. Go early, leave hungry.

Me and B

That’s my boy!

Super easy to find and about an hour drive for us. Not to mention the wonderful workout climbing in snow brings combined with the sheer joy of sledding down the slope. I don’t know when this hill evolved as a popular location for sledding, but it was my first visit despite growing up in the area. I will say the Christian Camp just around the bend was definitely familiar.

Brendon is already planning his next adventure at Eskimo hill. I think next time we’ll bring more sleds or disks as the boys weren’t too keen on sharing theirs.

B snow angel

Look at the sheer and utter bliss on that face as he carves his first snow angel. “I’m snowtastic!”


Took 40 years to see a really defined snowflake. So amazing!


See you on the hill!!


Yesterday was a day. One of those days where I got myself all worked up into a ball of stress and tacked on a fantastic ocular migraine in the morning. I’ll share more about that adventure in future post, but just to say, it was a day I had been anticipating with some dread for awhile and yet, in the end, the outcome was so much less stressful and more fruitful than I could have anticipated. In no small part due to the well wishes and prayers from those in my “inner circle” I’m sure. Thank you!!!

Today, I started with a solid morning run despite the dipping temps this week, a site visit where there were more “teachable moments” by my co-worker (he received a good dose of follow-on verbal teasing) and a visit to the Sublime Cake Design. I heard about this location on the radio during my 5+ hours in the car yesterday. Never one to shy away from cupcakes – featured on Food Network!! no less – it was a must visit for me, on this footloose and fancy free Tuesday.

Sublime building

First: the building – LOVE!! this building. While it is a bit strange the glassy front faces a busy road and not the river directly behind, I still love it’s shape and quirky personality. Dare I say I might be seeing an homage project “zipping” into my future.

Next: the owner – The owner is seriously fun and quirky; rocking a tie-die t-shirt and righteous faux hawk. He didn’t miss a beat with my numerous questions and sassy comments. This is their second location by way of positive growth and Subaru pushes. I think it was a push in the right direction, although I can’t really speak to the previous location. I’m still a bit lacking in the local street vernacular. Four Corners?? Say what?

Sublime owner

He’s there, look close. I did warn him I caught him in the photo after I came in, since he tried to escape the frame when he saw me outside. 🙂

And now, the moment of truth, the cupcakes – I’ll first say, I’m positive these are not going to pair well with my get in shape February campaign, but hey, they are minis afterall; nearly next zero in calories. I selected the Samoa cupcake, being the same name Girl Scout cookies and German Chocolate Cake are tops on my favorites list AND (I know, really throwing caution to the wind today), their signature cupcake,the Cloud 9. Cloud 9 was the cupcake featured on Duff till Dawn, a shown on Food Network apparently – I don’t have cable. And while they haven’t been on Cupcake Wars, they are looking into going on Cake Wars. Oh yeah, they do custom cakes too. Almost forgot.

sublmine cakes

You might notice a third cupcake in there. A second Cloud 9. I hope it makes it until Vance gets home from work….time will tell

I knew before I even tasted these cupcakes I would write a positive review of the place. Based solely on the vibe there. I love local places and personable people. After eating these cupcakes, I am tempted to write a review cautioning people to stay far away from the place, only so I can eat them all myself. Oh my!!!!! The Samoa was good, but I wished I would’ve tried it first. There was just no way it could stand up to the Cloud 9. That cupcake is a whole different level of deliciousness! You do probably need to have a bit of an affinity for caramel, which indeed I do!!!

**Note to hubby- there’s a birthday coming up that could really benefit from a Cloud 9 cupcake or 4!**