Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend surrounded by family and friends. I’m lumping Good Friday in the mix as it’s the one day of Spring Break the boys are going to be home all day. We spent a large part of Friday making food items, Brendon as my sous chef, a theme which continued until Sunday. He’s becoming a big help with the measuring, mixing and reading the recipe.

Bunny cake

Friday we pumped out homemade sourdough bread, skinny slow cooker fudge (yes, this exists) and the cakes needed for our Bunny Cake featured at our Twilight Egg Hunt on Saturday. Is it only me or has this bunny cake been haunting every pinterest user the past this Month. He seemed to pop up on each new pinterest dabble…so, we took the challenge.

Twilight Hunt

Getting the directions.

We had one kid casualty and one still lost money egg from our Saturday evening hunt – another good reason to forgo those home dyed eggs!! And yes, I’d love to report my boys are still not wise to the home egg dying adventure. I made it though another Easter. Although, I think they’ll eventually ask about it, my hope is that they won’t be overly interested because I haven’t cultivated it. It’s a hope!

Sunday we attended Neighborhood’s Easter Service. Now I know the care workers need a break now and again, but I was so distracted by John, I only caught the beginning of the sermon, the rest of it was spent keeping him occupied so I didn’t have to take him out. Regardless, I hit another sewist milestone for me: I made my own Easter dress; finished it late Saturday  night.

The Knack

Brendon was intrigued by this water fountain and was able to figure out how it worked. The lady at the info desk came over and announced, “He’s going to be an Engineer.” OH NOOOO!!! He’s got the Knack!! Waaahhhh. 

This is the fourth of my Emery Dresses. It was an attempt to jump on the Chambray bandwagon and also try making the dress without an added waistband. Except, you might notice, it does have a waistband! I lengthened the bodice only to find I added too much length (shame on me for not making a muslin) and I looked like I was auditioning for the role of Half-pint on Little House on the Prairie. In taking up the bodice, a waistband was created. What can I say, the Emery just wants a waistband. I’m super happy with the results.

Emery  no 4

Emery Number 4.

I ended up wearing it to our second Easter event of the weekend: a grownup Easter Dinner. By grown up I mean, there was a cocktail and appetizer hour, complete with sophisticated music playing, followed by a leisurely and scrumptious dinner with conversation that didn’t center around potty talk. Our boys were a good six years younger than the other children attending and clearly these people have moved beyond our current life state. I see visions of a happy adult life dancing like sugar plums in my head. A huge gratitude to teenagers raised to help entertain little kids and a trampoline to keep them busy when everyone needed a break.

Easter Family

The McNultys at the Easter service. I bought a coordinating bow tie for John, which he refused to wear. As hubby pointed out, he is at least in a tie. Looks like Baby Axel just got a new bowtie!

For this portion of Easter, I made a six layer chocolate cake with toasted marshmallow filling and chocolate malted frosting…..and no photos were taken that presented it very flattering, but surely we’ll be making it again in the upcoming future. Or refashioning it into cupcakes. If you’re a chocolate fan, this is a must try cake. (Recipe here).


Photo courtesy of Love and Olive Oil (see recipe link)

I cooked more this weekend than I probably did all month. Also making my first batch of homemade cibbata loaves. I’m due for a rest from the kitchen I do believe.


Pamper Pails

With Spring Break and Easter upon us at the end of the week, it’s time to start thinking about Easter Baskets and Teacher Gifts. I’ve been a bit lack luster on my teacher gifts this year. They’ve been thoughtful, but not super creative and usually done right before they need to be delivered to school, so they don’t make it on the blog, but this time, I am ahead of the game a bit. Thanks to the Target dollar section.


Pails on parade

I’m shocked how small the dollar section is in this one and only Target in the Northstate. Just one of the Oahu stores would put this greatly to shame, but none the less, I jumped all over the cute dollar pails when they came out around Valentines, knowing very well they wouldn’t be there to ring in St. Patty’s day. Yet, I was surprised to find there are still pails up for grabs there this past weekend. Lucky for me since I needed an additional last pail with the addition of a new preschool teacher this past week, probably thanks to the Kinder Round up last week.

Each pail contains: a sparkly nail file, toe separators, two mini nail polishes and an EOS lip balm. I think it was the lip balm that sparked the theme, although, somehow that doesn’t completely tie in with the nails…anyway, I’ve eyed the EOS products for awhile and they seemed perfectly suited to this holiday.

bunny pail

We also tossed in a chocolate square (all of my other teacher gifts this year have centered around goodies and they might wonder if it was really from me if there wasn’t an ounce of chocolate included) and a bunny colored by the boys for an added Easter kick.

I think I figured it out at one point the whole gift cost around $7 each, including the plastic grass. I was aiming for $5, so I think I did pretty well. I have high hopes for a home sewn gift for end of the year, but we’ll see how that pans out as we get closer. Granted it’s only for two teachers, since John will continue with preschool through the Summer, but still.


The colored bunnies really make the pails.

Happy (Early) Easter!