Viewing the Galaxy

Besides lots of intermittent working, cleaning and laundry, we managed to toss in some solid Memorial Day Weekend fun, complete with a 40+year first for both Hubby and myself.

First, let’s kick it off with some memes made in honor of both military and the Stroller Warriors meme launch this past week. They brought me a lot of joy, so I made a couple of my own with photos from our run on Saturday morning:

Run meme

The one on the left could also be something about when the honeymoon is over running with your spouse….you know before he made me push the stroller with 80lbs of live load…for half the mileage.  All jabs aside, I don’t mind, it’s a great upper body workout.

And the real highlight of the weekend was taking our new telescope, courtesy of the mega sell at Sports Authority, to our property last night. It would’ve been a perfect night to camp, unfortunately we couldn’t get motivated early enough to make that happen, but none the less….we did get some stellar viewing!


We worked on catching grasshoppers. Another childhood first for these two hooligans.

Being novice stargazers, we had no idea what a magical night it was going to be. Last night we viewed…..drumroll please…..Mars, Jupiter (rings visible) with its little moons on the side, AND Saturn! Absolutely amazing!! Something we’ve only seen in books or online, but never live.

B on the telescope


The bright spot is Mars.

Vance and I were super excited. Yes, we’re pretty nerdy sometimes. Did we notice that it was getting to 10pm in all our viewing excitement? No we did not, but right around that point the boys started to squabble something terrible and we loaded them into the car with threats of physical violence and headed on our way! Note to self, if we plan to stay out late, we must have an exit plan or maybe have the boys stay with the grandparents!

Also worth noting – my brother-in-law Rob, did us a solid on this holiday weekend and graded road to above mentioned property. It was in pretty ROUGH shape and we are so thankful! (Tractor & supervision by Papa John & Noni)



Riley Blake Fabric Challenge

I’ve taken a step back from quilting after the rush I went through to finish my last competition quilt. The joy of quilting was lost in the frenzy and not qualifying really sealed the need for a break. Weeelll, way back in the throws of quilting happiness I had signed up for the Riley Blake Fabric Challenge, but optimistically thought I wouldn’t be chosen for the free fabric draw.

How it works: They mail you fabric, you create something quilted with it, enter it and possibly win a prize. If you receive a free fabric cut you are agreeing to enter. Otherwise it jeopardizes the future of such competitions sponsored by fabric manufacturers.

As you might have guessed, a little padded package arrived in the mail with 3/4 yard of Sashing Stash by Riley Blake. Ugh. I had so little motivation. finally a month before the deadline, I started collecting some coordinating fabric only to receive word the deadline was extended two months over an unexpected mailing issue of some sort.  Did this motivate me to start? Not really. I had my fabric ordered, but without a solid idea for the design, I was largely unmotivated. Even the lady at the local quilt shop told me I better get moving.

inspiration undies

Then, folding the clothes, you know, like I do EVERYDAY!, I happened upon a moment of inspiration from these Victoria Secret undies. The design is meant to mimic cross stitching and after much searching online I couldn’t find the pattern, so I made my own, using these as a guide.

quilt pattern

The pattern. At least how it started. I did simplify some for the sake of size and time.

And I give you the Caught in a Cross Stitch quilt.

Cross stitch quilt

The provided fabric (sashing stash) is the black and white fabric.

Ahead of schedule I might add. The entry deadline is May 31st.