Brandy Creek Beach / 20 years later

Hubby’s brother, wife and kiddo have been visiting from Kansas this past week or so and with hubby taking the week off, he ended up playing tour guide, while I whittled my computer fingers with projects that needed tending. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the beach I’d been to as a child, but somehow, on their quest for creek exploring, they found the very place I was trying to remember : Brandy Creek.


It may not be Hawaii, but it is beautiful.

Today being the last day of vacation for the hubs and mandatory family day, we took a little trip back to Brandy Creek Beach. It’s expanded parking considerably in 20 years, addition of life guard chairs, buoys and kayak rentals, but all in all the beach and lake were pretty much the same.  The boys were both very timid about swimming – I guess they prefer the crashing waves and undertow to calm waters?? But they both managed to be carted out to a floating dock off shore.

And they're off

And they’re off….See the floating dock off to the left?

Now about said floating dock. Growing up I had a traumatic swim lesson experience where the instructor pushed my face in the water with her foot, causing me to fear the water and not learn how to swim until I was much older. Do you think I ever swam to the floating dock? NEVER! Not even when I was 20 and came here last. Today, I finally did it. Despite a bit of mental PTSD and with the aide of some serious self talk I swam all the way there and back. Jumping off once with John to add in the victory. John was not impressed.


You might notice the good bath towel in this photo. This is what happens when I don’t pack the beach bag.

feather in my cap

John had a great time making mounds to fly his feathers (probably his Native American heritage shining through).

Following our stint on the beach, we waddled back up the paved path and to the boys insistence, we took a short hike over the bridge and up the hill to the campground. It was just enough for them to feel like they had “hiked”. They didn’t nap as one would expect upon return, but their parents sure did.

hike portion

The hike portion.

Summer Begins

Just in time for the 100+ degree days of June, Summer has began for my boys. Another School year in the books; Brendon is really looking forward to it as he tells me he “needs a break”. What he doesn’t know is he has one week off and then he’s starting his camps. The life of a child with two working parents.

Brendon Last day

I am a bit delayed in this announcement, but bogged down with work deadlines, lots of car time and visiting family, it just had to wait.

John Last day

This is the best I could get.

John will continue in his same preschool class, but going less time over the Summer, so it should feel a bit more relaxed for him before he begins his official school adventure: Kindergarten next Fall.


John’s preschool graduation night, complete with a surprise visit by the Kansas McNultys and his McNulty grandparents.

preschool book

Not sure how they got such a great photo of John with his teeth showing, but they did.

The first official day of Summer – Last Friday – went really well. The boys were able to play for three hours in the morning before entering into a physical and mental battle of wills and followed by Brendon being chased by a cow (so he thought) at the Vine farm. Ha! Let’s hope they progressively do better this week…

Bible times

And one funny. Brendon told me he was being “bible times” with his sandals and socks. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember them showing anyone in the bible with socks and sandals. Ha!