Make it Monday // Sorbetto Returns

Long ago, in the dewy sweet land of Hawaii, I discovered and made the Sorbetto Tank by Colette. It was the first pattern of theirs I made and was so pleasantly surprised by the fit with no alterations. It has a 50s vibe with the high neckline and pleated front, but no closures of any kind, so it is a great beginner pattern and quick sew. One could easily make a couple in a single day, if they were so inclined.

This year, Colette ran a Sorbetto Week, where they posted a few hacks of modernize the tank, make it out of knit, and extend it to dress length. Just like the lure of the free pattern, the modern tank called to me and I was able to whip it up and wear it to work this past week.

green sorbetto2

The fabric is linen with a slight sheen to it in certain light.

Here is the Green Modern Tank Version. (followed this tutorial) The bust dart has been removed and the shape made more swingy. A little pocket added, although somehow I miscalculated the position and mine is too far center. I thought about removing it, but really it’s not that noticeable. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

green sorbetto1

The pocket. It doesn’t look so bad from this angle. Necklace by Noonday.

In the outdoor lighting this tank looks strangely blue in photos. But it is most definitely green.

Its green

Indoor office lighting. See!! It’s green!

And how much did this tank cost to make? ZERO dollars. Well, thread and time, but the pattern was free (link here) and the fabric was from my stepmom’s stash. A super easy and low cost first project for the novice sewist.

I have plans for another version, where I fix the pocket location, but really I need to start focusing on my Fall sewing list. I limped through the cold weather last year with my old work wear from nearly a decade past. I want to really like what I wear this Fall and Winter.



Boredom Busters // Boy directed

Before Brendon started preschool, we were getting the Kiwi Crates. I think they’re still pretty popular and I’ve been tempted to get their old brother version – The Tinker Crate, now that the boys are a little older. My only issue with the Kiwi Crate is that it involved a lot of hands on time for mom.

The last Friday the boys were home from camp, Brendon, in his search for “something to do!!” found an old Kiwi Crates experiment list and asked to make Lava Lamps. Never one to turn down a science project…

**You can bet I’m still looking forward to the Science Fair days ahead!!**

Without further adieu – the Lava Lamps

Lava Lamp

The experiment has one bottle (test tube) with water and one with oil. You put food color drops in each and see what happens and discuss why it happens. Then you tilt it back and forth for a little lava lamp action. Doing it in front of the nightlight was bonus fun.

Directly following the lava lamp fun, Brendon asked if he could make a basket for his bike using an old shoebox, so he could drive his Beanie Boo around the neighborhood. As you can imagine this did not work well the way he had planned (really no plan at all) and I helped him with the aide of some duct tape and a cupcake box from Sublime. See, they are more than delicious, best I’ve ever tasted cupcakes…

Bike Basket

Here it is: The bike basket holding said Beanie Boo – Leon and John’s lion. Brendon was so impressed with himself, he came back to get John’s lion. The basket box is still in working order, which is pretty significant given the rapid rate at which boys destroy things.  It was over 100 degrees the day we did this and this boy is wearing long sleeves and pants. Why you ask? Well, because earlier he was pretending to be a ninja.

John biking

This is almost the most riding John did on his bike. He’s at the stage where he refuses to let us help him and also refuses to let us put the training wheels back on. Makes it very hard to learn how to ride a bike.

Directly following the ride around the neighborhood and John’s mild attempt at bike riding, we retreated indoors and the boys rounded out the afternoon with making a dining room sized fort that I was not allowed to enter. I happily obliged.

Hope you are having a wonderful and creative Friday!