Make it Monday // Ice Cream Sammies

This week, thanks to Facebook, I was reminded of an old treat – It’s-It! I had no idea it came from California and is likely the most perfect combination of frozen treat goodness. Did I mention – So easy to make too?! That’s right, E.A.S.Y!

Its It

Photo courtesy of Food 52.

I followed this recipe on Food 52: Unicorn of Frozen Treats after being lured into it by the above enticing photograph.

STEP ONE (happened late Friday night): Make the Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal cookies. I added a 1/3 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut, because, well, we like coconut. John loved the cookies. Okay, all but one of us did. Brendon isn’t much into desserts that aren’t sugar syrup based, so he’s my litmus of how well I hit the mark.


STEP TWO (completed yesterday in the midst of sourdough bread rising and folding): Make homemade ice cream. Sure you can buy vanilla ice cream, but why? It’s simple, takes three ingredients and tastes way better. I do add a secret ingredient to mine….shhhh!!!

with ice cream

I only made six out of fear I would eat too many.

STEP THREE (day of serving): Assemble and dip in Chocolate. I made a modified Magic Shell for the chocolate. It was pretty thin, so I increased the chocolate considerably and double dipped the sandwiches for a more substantial coat. In hindsight, probably not necessary. It was melting all over our fingers as we gobbled them down anyway and less might be just fine in this case. Although, Hubby did remark that messy is half the fun of evening treats. No argument from me.


The Fudge Cakes, as Brendon coined them.

In an act of calorie conservation we cut two for the four of us. I’m regretting this as I type….I have a feeling the freezer will have one less Fudge Cake when I retire to bed for the evening.

fudgey boys

Brendon (disassemble and destroy) kept saying “fudge cake” when I would take his photo with this strange face. John (in tact eating bit by bit) thought the ice cream below his nose was super funny.