In Print

Sewing Snippet Sunday

Yesterday, I decided to venture into the local big box fabric store. It’s always a dangerous venture. I’m usually headed in with a specific project and budget in mind, yet get to the register with 3x the amount of product needed. I am a sucker for end of the bolt yardage extras. Aaahhhh.

Same could be said for yesterday’s trip, except, I also remembered to look for a certain magazine….

Simply Moderne

And what to my pleasantly delighted eyes did appear??? My quilt in print!!  I was wearing an ear to ear grin of excitement; I even noticed a lady watching me. She probably wondered what could be so good. I was tempted to tell the lady in the register line (lasts as long as the shopping trip usually…why do they not staff correctly at the registers??) about my quilt, but she’d probably think I was a real odd bird. “Sure, sure, that’s your quilt.”

Quilt in magazine

Here it is. I made it on the write up page. Not sure how I bumped 2nd and 3rd place to the backside of the article….just nothing like seeing it in print.