Make it Monday // Flower Rue

The Rue (their version – not mine)

A bit of backstory, in case you haven’t followed the Rue debacle unfold on social media: A few months back Colette released the Rue dress pattern, which immediately caught my interest. Then they announced there would be a sew along. Ooo, I love a good sew along to walk me through the construction. Right as the sew along was gaining steam, the whole process went on shutdown; turns out there were several fit complaints. Colette humbly issued an apology  and a few weeks later released a new and improved Rue. The sew along resumed and with the aid of some serious long distance sewing this weekend, I give you my Flower Rue (Version 2 on the pattern):


Fully lined, finished Rue.

It’s hard to see the seaming in the printed fabric, which I used greatly to my advantage during the construction. I’ve been itching to make a flowered dress lately, despite it being Fall; probably due to our strangely warm November weather.


The back.

While a muslin may not be worth it’s weight in gold, it most certainly is worth at least three yards of fabric. I made three muslins for the bodice over the course of two days. If I’m being completely open, it’s my own fault since I tried to get out of the SBA on my actual size and sized down to the smaller size. That does not work. There are many other factors than just bust size, which I won’t get into to for this post. But, I have learned a valuable lesson – make the correct side and do the SBA from the beginning!!


Muslin #2, almost there. Final bodice.

The shell and lining of the garment each went together super quick.  I had a bit of a stall at the zipper. As Always. BUT! I am pleased to say the invisible zipper actually went in without a hitch. Well, except for the moment I realized one of my back pieces was shorter than the other three. Ugh. I just adjusted and moved on. Must keep sewing…

At the sleeve, I didn’t go through the complicated, yet infinitely more polished armhole construction. I was too weary and since I had a personal deadline of Sunday as my finish day, I sewed the sleeve to both the lining and the shell in one seam instead. Trimmed the seam allowance in half and finished the edge with zig zag stitching. Done and done.  I didn’t even attempt the nice set in sleeve with no puckers either. I just let it be a little gathered, since it was hidden in the print anyhow and I was in no mood last night to make it any different.


Who doesn’t like a few outtake shots? I do love to laugh.

Overall a smashing success I’d say. Will I make another? Chances are pretty good. I’d like to attempt one in a solid fabric with two minor tweaks:

  • I’d likely lengthen the bodice 1/2″ to pull the style line all the way under the bust.
  • And make the pockets a little deeper. I do have big hands and feet for my size, so maybe it’s just me? But these pockets seem a little skimpy on size.

This is probably my favorite photo of the bunch. Not nearly as polished as the first one, but much more me. Special thanks to Hubby for taking the photos for this post.

Also, I’d note, if you are interested in making this dress, the sew along (found here) was super helpful and Katie was very responsive to my endless array of fit questions. While I don’t think she’ll be answering questions after the wrap of the sew along, it is helpful to have photos to reference during the construction.

As a side note: Yesterday I stumbled on a pretty negative chain of posts about the Rue pattern situation. I didn’t make several muslin versions of the original pattern, saving myself from much frustration and angst it seems, but regardless, over the course of sewing with indie patterns, I must say, not every pattern or pattern company is going to work for everyone. Same as with big box patterns. Face the facts and move forward. It’s just like ready to wear, where you can find a certain company that fits your body 90% of the time, say like Boden for me or White House Black Market in my pre baby days. Stick with what works and be open to the occasional disaster.

Overall I’ve found Colette and Seamwork patterns to fit well, so I continue to purchase them. My go to Indie Pattern Company is Christine Haynes (City Stitching). She consistently provides patterns with no fit issues for me beyond my standard SBA. I have tried a few others, and although they haven’t suited me and I’ve felt the frustration of time loss and monetary despair as I worked through muslins and a failed final project (yes, it can still happen if you never test the fit of the sleeve prior to the actual dress. ugh.) I’m not about to blast them on social media. I’m sure they work very well for someone else with different proportions. Haven’t we all made mistakes?!

I was proud of Colette’s apology overall, however the real proof is the next pattern release. Will it have major fit issues? Only time can tell. I’m hopeful for them and their customers it won’t .

Facing Reality

As some know, this is my “Big Year”. (A reference to the movie with the same name, which turned out to be more Dramedy than comedy and a solid sleeper movie.)

My Big Year wasn’t about birding, but about finally checking the box on the marathon and putting the 26.2 sticker on my car. One of my besties from Hawaii, now in Japan, is actually flying here to also run it. I’d say run with me, but she’s an amazing running beast and is set to qualify for Boston, while I’m more in the “just finish” category. In fact, we’re both running training plans by Hanson’s and the name of my plan is in fact Just Finish.


The transition point…9 weeks in…

The premise of the method is cumulative fatigue. Training your body to run when it’s tired. Training for those last 10 miles, not the first 16 when you’re still fresh and full of race day excitement. I love the idea. But, this week, at week 9, I am facing some serious reality. The same leg that suffered from a stress fracture two years ago, is once again hurting. It’s more in the ankle and outer muscle area, but it’s come to the point, I can no longer ignore it and pretend it’s not there.

It forced me to walk at mile 4 of my 6 miles this morning and almost had me in tears this evening. I’ve thought “if I just keep training, it’ll stop hurting”. Well. It is still hurting and as Hubby gave me the dreaded talk that I must scale back or I could be facing serious injury, I imagined my marathon dream evaporating forever.

So here it is, the new plan. I’m going to take a day of rest, then switch plans. Yes with only 8 weeks to marathon, I’m going to switch to something with more than one rest day a week and see if the added rest is enough to enable me to finish training and eventually run the marathon come January.

bread-for-daysWhat I did with my day of no running to keep from completely driving my family mad: Made bread, enchilada prep, worked on my Rue dress and took Brendon to see Anything Goes at the High School. I’d say it was pretty full day.


We only made it through the first act. My little partner here was pretty much done at that point. The play is open for another week – well worth the viewing. My favorite part were the vintage inspired costumes. One of my favorite eras in clothing.

Plan B at this point, or would that be Plan C?, is to run the relay with hubby and one other unsuspecting able bodied person, Carmen are you reading this????, but for now, I’m going to focus on running the whole event and pray my leg can make it. I don’t dare say Marathon or Bust, lest I jinx myself…

Runner. Must Run.