Halloween 2016

A little Halloween recap, mostly in photos. Let me summarize first: Many costume changes and lots of Pumpkin Spice got us through the most sugary of all holidays.

Despite John’s request for a specific Power Ranger costume, which I purchased, John decided to be several things for Halloween, none of which included wearing the above mentioned NEW costume.

Event #1 – Fall Festival at School

One of the many things I love about the Charter school is no site classes on Fridays. Fridays are field trips, special events or days of working at home. They still get the same amount of work done Monday – Thursday as other public schools, which means they are even more focused during those days. Last Friday, being the Friday before Halloween, the Fall Festival was the activity and they put on a fantastic carnival. Photo booth, tattoos, candy walk, fishing booth (sans live fish, thank you!! for small miracles), book fair, pumpkin contest and a haunted house.


John insisted I take a photo of his lights on. Disregard the messy entryway.

Brendon was dressed and ready to roll the minute we told him to costume up. John? Well, let’s say dear Hubby spent a good 30 minutes talking him into his costume only to find him a mere five minutes before we needed to leave in the bathroom disrobed of said costume and crying that it was too embarrassing to wear. Hmmmm, okay. I told him to put on an old costume or he wasn’t getting any candy and what did he choose? The same character, but an old costume he received from his cousin a couple years ago. This kid!!!


It was all business in the photo booth.

The boys had a fantastic time, although there was a bit of a disappointment with the cotton candy shortage, the boys made do with all the candy they scored.

Along with the Fall Festival, we grabbed a treat bag out of Brendon’s school cubby while we were there. What was in it? We got BOOd!!! Now in years past, I was part of a mom’s group and we boo’d one another. It was an elaborate affair really when I think back. The gifts were well thought out and the moms did the drop. This year, after reading the boo’d card, Brendon determined two of our neighbors he wanted to boo. He colored the cards, put some candy in a bag and dropped it in their mail slots. It was so much fun for him. No elaborate drawn out, mom facilitated event, candy in a mail slot with a hand colored card. We’re going retro here!


After hearing their newly relocated cousins were taking karate lessons, the boys decided to make their own karate school. But this one was strictly Ninja training. Brendon was the teacher, obviously, and his somewhat resistant pupil was John. Brendon even made them uniforms for the lessons, which I dubbed their best costumes of the season.


**side note – I don’t think I’m buying costumes, especially for John!, next year. Yes, it’s documented here for when I do in fact buy them and have to eat my words.**

Event #2 – Halloween Piano Recital

Brendon was a little put off when he found out they were to dress in theme with their special music, exclaiming: “I picked a GIRL song! Agghhhh”, but all in all it turned out well and he did a great job. His Song was “Witches Brew”.


Photo courtesy of Ms. Kiera.


We brought some Easy Halloween Treats, safe for our no nut boy.


My favorite Halloween photo of the boys. John sporting his tie shoes.

Event #3- Trick or Treating

The boys were super excited to go Trick or Treating this year with Bonnie and Sophia, their cousins. Boy did their dad do a great job on the costumes. They all looked great. Brendon couldn’t figure out why the girls wanted to be something scary on Halloween. A super hero is just way more fun! Ha! Such a boy. And you may notice from the photo, John is wearing his Brendon’s old Sonic Costume from two years ago after taking off an old Optimus Prime costume just moments before the girls arrived.


Nothing says Halloween like a caldron of candy.

There was also Awana’s during last week, where John flat out refused to wear any costume. He was one of maybe 5 kids who didn’t dress up. Where does this stubborn streak originate? I blame his Auntie.

Now for the Pumpkin Spice:

These recipes are going to be good for the whole Season….prepare your taste buds….

First up, I prepared Gina’s (famous among the Mom’s club) Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is super easy to make in the crockpot.


Next we subjected my dad and stepmom to a Pumpkin Spice Cake recipe from Martha Stewart Magazine. A winning recipe. So good, we made a second one the next day for the in-laws.


For the pumpkin part, we roasted a Sugar Pumpkin – the green ones – which really added to the flavor. Who knew the green ones were sweeter? Not me. Until now.

And what would the pumpkin spice round up be without some Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream? The boys didn’t really like it. Brendon actually told me it was flavorless, but this was after Halloween and his taste buds are currently suffering under super saturated sugar. Anyhow, the ice cream is delicious and also doubles as an easy creamer, turning ordinary coffee once again into …. Pumpkin Spice Coffee.


Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream