Eight Years Old

Today our oldest mini turned Eight.


Hurray for Big Balloons!


Eight seems like a big kid. I know, he’s still small, but to us, it seems big. He’s grown quite a bit in height the past few months and consistently provides glimpses of the more empathetic human he’s becoming.

His reading, while good at the outset of the school year has really sky rocketed and he loves to read. I loved to read as a kid, although I will admit, I distinctly remember getting an “N” on my 2nd grade report card for not doing my after school reading. Too many afternoons spent on the phone to one Mr. Trotter and Ms. Ogden of my youth. Doesn’t seem that long ago for me. But alas, that will be 34 years ago for me tomorrow. Time it does fly by.

I know the phrase, “Enjoy it; it goes by so quickly” about raising kids is so tainted and uttering it almost packs as much fire power as the presidential election of 2016, but it is very true. I find myself trying to hold onto the moments more with our 5 year old because it’s already difficult to remember those with Brendon, from just 3 years ago.

And now he’s eight.


Finally hit my stride about 2/3 the way done with the rainbow petal cake. Also called the cloud cake when done all in white. Thank you once again Pinterest. I made a double batch of frosting and had a lot left over. Probably one batch would’ve been fine with the top frosted smooth.

Rainbow Cake

The birthday boy requested a vanilla cake with rainbow frosting. He was okay with my pastel version, which is good because I was in no mood for trying to get the colors darker this morning. There was one point at which I got off cycle with the colors from too much little boy interruption and sent them out to bike ride with dad for a bit.


When wishes are born…

Happy 8th Birthday to our Boozis Meezus Beezee!*

* Brendon told his class this was his nickname. To which one kid responded, “I don’t think I can remember that” Haha!!


An hour after cake. The product of not sleeping all night in anticipation and getting up for the day at 5am. Every good birthday should include a nap.

Valentines with a twist

This year it’s valentines with a twist. What’s the twist you ask? Well, how about a dose of sickness to go with it. Nooooo!!! Friday night my in-laws came over for our homemade pizza buffet and I was proudly announcing how well our family has been this Winter; in stark contrast to last year. Boy, was I in for it. By Saturday night, Brendon was hit by some type of terrible cold with fever and on top of the sickness, he’s in the middle of growth spurt. A real treat.

You know how I say, I don’t mind the “sleep all day, party all night” stage with newborns. Clearly I have forgotten what it is like to be woken up several times through the night by a crying human for three straight days. IT. IS. BRUTAL Or maybe I am just getting too old for this song and dance? My friend Payge was talking of glorious 10hrs of sleep a few weeks ago. When will this happen for me??!!! But okay, you got me. He is sick. I give him that.

Last night really took the cake. Son enters room at probably 1am loudly cry talking, “my hair smells!!” That one I was not expecting and yet the fun was not over. We had another 3am wake about the leg pains. Oh the joys of parenting. But anywho, on with the show!

The valentines show that is!

This year, I started the boys’ class valentines in early January. I thought we were going to be moving by first week of February and like all previous pending moves, my creative spirit went on hyper drive. I of course, started surfing the web and came up with a couple front runners using planes and army men, which I’m sure would’ve been a hit with the classmates. Then….I watched a Ted talk on becoming a zero waste family.


Inspiration valentines and source of the free printable for the top.

Ya, No. We can not do that. We are consumers, but it was very eye opening and made me realize how far hubby and I have come from our minimalist D.I.N.Ky ways. So this year, My goal to reduce, reuse and recycle turned into corralling the many legos littered around our house into cute valentine packages. I had everything except the little bags – cost $2.50 with coupon. Cheapest valentine idea to date and I think they turned out pretty well. The boys wrote their names on the back and they weren’t even bothered by me giving away their legos. A sign they do indeed have too many.


McNulty Lego Valentines

I like to reminisce the days of my youth when we gave out paper valentines, each classmate’s name written by us, not mom, on the envelope and stuffed with a few loose conversation hearts. The fact that our parents had minimal involvement and also that we didn’t care about germs and unwrapped candy, speaks to how much more complicated we’ve made our lives over the last 20 years. But, I’m a pinterest mom, so I really don’t have much room to speak.

Batty valentine

Bored kids have the best ideas.

Just last week the boys made construction paper valentines for their teachers. All on their own, when they were bored and I was unwilling to give them screen time. They were adorable. I of course did not get a photo, but here is the second bat that Brendon made, much like the one he made for his teacher. John made a self drawn and cut out heart from pink construction paper, complete with a little note written on it, especially for Mrs.B. And he wrote the whole thing. I should mention John is READING!!! and really, really reading. I forgot how exciting it is when they first start reading. Truly magical.

This troll down memory lane to say, next year, my goal is to be more hands off on the whole class valentine ordeal and let the boys have more creative say and making of the valentines. It’s a goal. We’ll see how it goes.

Pencil Pouches

And of course, you know I love to do something for those teachers, who dedicate their professional life to educating our mini humans. This year – homemade pencil pouches, my favorite colored pens and some chocolates.