Devotional for Moms

You might remember seeing this book cover on my Facebook page a few months back…


I was part of a launch group for this book, which turned out to be a fantastic experience for me. One of my sisters once said to me how lucky I am to find opportunities and different deals – such as a newbie photographer to take our photos when we were first married that turned out really well for a fraction of the cost. While there may be some luck to it, I think much of these opportunities come about with my willingness to take uncalculated risks and overcommit myself without a second thought. The latter being way more common than I’d like to admit.

How this launch group participation went down: The author and I have a mutual friend. Our friend thought I’d be interested in reading a well written, funny book about the trials of early motherhood and giving my (lots more than) two cents about the content. I said whole heartedly yes in an instant.

Did I know how long the book was? No.

Did I know the timeline in which I was to read said book (one chapter a day for the duration)? No.

Did I consider all else I had going on in those months with family, work, marathon training and side projects? No. I. Did. Not.

And this my friends is how I “luck” into opportunities. I was so blessed by the stories shared in the launch group, all facilitated by the chapters in this devotional. (I had no idea it was a devotional when I said yes. I thought it was a novel. Ha! I’m a crazy mess sometimes.) The easy to read chapters are each a different layer of motherhood, told as tales from the battlefield in a funny and sometimes humiliating way, we can all relate to. If you can’t relate, you probably won’t enjoy the book. Just a warning. Be ready to laugh at yourself. Be ready to do some serious soul searching too. I hadn’t realized how raw some of my feelings still were 15 years of marriage and two kids later.

I had big plans to write this blog about the book before Christmas, but running and work took over. So here it is now. On the eve of Valentines Day. Do you have a pregnant mommy friend or family member in need of a unique baby shower gift? A lady friend who has a couple small curtain climbers, who might wonder if she’s alone in this maddening sea of motherhood? Or yourself? Maybe you could use a laugh along with introspection and diving into God’s gifts during this uber challenging season of life. Oh yes, there’s God in this book. Lots of God, but in a good way. Don’t run away non churched ladies. You too will love this book. Hehe. I wish you were here to hear me with my big laughs trying not to spit out my sip glug of wine. 

I highly suggest devoting (pun intended) time to this book. And for a little surprise, there’s even a Momdorsement by yours truly in print! IN PRINT!! I completely forgot the launch group was vying for spots in the book. She warned us as only McKinley can, to bring our ‘A’ game on review writing day. Being a friend of a friend, I honestly didn’t think mine would make the cut and completely forgot to check for it when my first release copy arrived. Here it is….and I completely stand behind what I have written.


Now get on those accounts and get yourself a copy. 😉