Two Decades of Purple

When I was in college, I would do little projects on my parents’ house. Sometimes it was making curtains, painting the exterior of the house, building a concrete cylinder fence, helping build a pump house with my hubby (The one project he was involved in, which *coincidentally* was also my last project.)  I love it and my parents were great sports with the whole thing. Probably why I am very creative to this day.

At least 18 years ago, although possibly close to 20, since it predates my hubby, I went on a mission to repaint their bathrooms. This was long before I had an eye for color and luckily my tastes have certainly matured since then for my clients’ sake. Ha! Mint green for the master bath and lavender for the hall/guest bath.

Why purple? I can’t remember. But I do remember leaving the ceiling white because I had painted the ceiling and walls in the other bathroom all mint green and it was just too much. Did I repaint them? Of course not!

I’ve been in there many times over the years, but never as steadily as since I’ve moved back, as you can imagine. Two solid years of purple assault from my past and there’s been a makeover brewing for awhile now. Just not the perfect timing.

Then, last month, many heartfelt thanks to my sister Celestina, childhood friend Amy E, and my mom taking me to First Baptist Church during my childhood, we were able to cash in on all these small town connections and move to Cottonwood. Just a wee FIVE minutes from my dad’s house. Piece One.

My dad and stepmom took a 10 day trip to Chicago, to visit family. Piece Two.

Talked to above mentioned sister and hubby and was able to get myself all amp’d with enthusiasm and motivation. Piece Three.

Hubby and I gettin’ it done. I took one day to remove everything, one day to clean, one day to tape and then we started painting the next day. In hindsight I should’ve combined some of these days, but many of them I had worked a solid day and/or had the boys with me. Next project. Lesson learned. You might also notice the old purple towels became paint drop cloths. I was so OVER the purple (hopefully they are too!)

As you might be guessing by now, while they were gone I did a hostile takeover of the bathroom and did a complete makeover. My initial partner in crime (sister) went on vacation, Uh, huh. I see how it is. But, my wonderful hubby stepped in and really came to my aide when things got too overwhelming.

I honestly was not prepared for how time consuming the whole project was going to be and working on it each day after work was pretty taxing. It took a full seven days, with one day of forced rest in the middle, to get it finished. Several trips to Home Depot, Cascade paints, Target and World Market later, we had a completely fresh bathroom. In white. Well off-white.

The colors. It took me two days at the paint store and several days (including our vacation the weekend before…more on that later) to think about the colors. I had at least 20 paint chips and brought those home. In seconds Vance picked out the two we would use. He’s pretty good at colors.


The finished product. The mirror had white trim before. If I had more time and energy, I would’ve painted the vanity the same yellow, but It still looks pretty good in the dark walnut. I’m calling this color the Mirror at Pooh Corner. Looks very Winnie the Pooh in person.

Totally lucked out with this curtain. It looked really bright yellow online but people complained it was more dull in real life. Perfect. Thank you Target reviewers for you honest opinions. Matches the mirror so well.

A new towel rack (a wine rack) and towels in a deep blue color.

These paper art “prints” are so pretty in person. My stepmom commented on how she really liked them, but didn’t have a good place to hang them. They originally had pastel mattes on them. I re-matted them in white for a cohesive look. I was going to put up a walnut and brass shelf, but one of the pieces in the box was wrong. I took it as a sign. No shelf. Just art. I hope all the parents and guests enjoy the bathroom as much as I do.

Funny the timing as I read a blog last night about housing color trends. Turns out blue and purple are “in” for bathrooms and white is most certainly “out”. Well, what can I say, I am off trend this time! I was so excited when it was complete that I actually missed the turnoff to my house on the way home. Ha! I have missed doing projects. However, this little makeover has almost cured me for wanting to buy a fixer upper. I think I’ll stick to a new build if I can make it happen.

And a couple funnies:

An actual text message from my sister during my makeover adventure. Yes, it’s true. I grew up on a chicken farm. It is still functioning today.

Love all the glam shots still hanging in the hallway.