Nine going on 13

Today is Brendon’s Ninth Birthday. Each year I realize why parents of older children and adults say it goes by so fast. It’s so easy to remember those early days of Brendon as a baby or all the funny words he said as a beginning speaker. And now. Now he’s like a nine year old with a pre-teen attitude more days than not. As my stepmom says, “he’s starting very early!” Isn’t that the truth.

We had a small party for Brendon on Sunday. I still haven’t graduated to off site or mega parties. *I just don’t have the energy. aka – I’m old and thrifty* He’s still really into minecraft, so I washed up his mini figs and let them be the bearers of the cake. More on the cake below.

I’m also noticing the older he gets the more at odds we are with one another in February. He told me last week, he was stressed waiting for his birthday and I know exactly what he means! We are so similar and having birthdays close together definitely has its challenges. But, it is also very special too.

Two recent conversations worth recounting, which capture Brendon’s personality.

1: On the way to school Brendon told me he was going to start saving band-aids; our neighbor – thank you Ms. Karli! gave him one after he scraped his knee the day before at their house. He thought it would be good to stash them in his bedroom, in case there was an earthquake and either they were trapped in their room or MORE LIKELY “some debris” hit me (dear ol’ mom) in the head and they had to fend for themselves. At least he will be prepared.

2: John still has trouble, as many first graders, with his “R” sound. Brendon told him instead of working on his American pronunciation, John should start talking with a British accent. That way, everyone will know what he’s saying!! Oh dear. Luckily John did not think this was a good idea.

Happy Ninth Birthday to our *quirky* Brendon!

The Cake:

I found this idea on Pinterest (naturally). I printed out the largest letter size 9 I could, but when I put it on the cake, I quickly realized we were going to end up with a mini cake, if this nine did not loop around. So much for my modern “9”. I ended up free form cutting and I was pretty pleased with the results. Lots of small triangles, a biscuit cutter for the center and then smooth it all with frosting. Why my sprinkles all settled I’m still not sure. Oh well. It tasted great as a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

And a throwback – four years ago.

Happy Valentines Day 2018

This year we did a little throw back and recreated the boy’s valentines from five years ago. I did them mostly from memory and seeing the original version on my dad’s fridge last week, but overall they are pretty much the same. More personality shinning through this time around for each of them. They were kind of “embarrassed” to have their photos on there, so this may be our last version, but hopefully I can talk them into them again in a few years, just for comparison’s sake.

The original. (click for link)

And as a side note:

I did not get my Valentine’s day dress done….although I technically have one more day:

Here it is at 80% complete.

p.p.s. I found this emoji cupcake and think it would be perfect for Brendon’s birthday next week, but likely it will only encourage the poop talk, which we are desperately trying to eradicate. Ironically Hubby surprised me at work yesterday with cupcakes from my favorite, Sublime. I didn’t even catch on when he asked me if I had a work meeting at noon. Complete surprise!!