Make it Monday // Madras Lottie

sewing ML

These stripes sure do help for lining up the pocket.

When I was sorting through my mom’s old fabric stash, I came across this madras print. Although, I love color, big prints are not usually my thing; sometimes too overwhelming on a small frame. But I was drawn to this fabric. It just looked like a Summer dress. Then Lottie was released and I debated whipping up the madras as a Lottie top, or maybe a dress, then settled on different fabric entirely. Yet, the Lottie dress was still calling to me (one of the 18 combinations possible from this pattern). So here it is…the Madras Lottie.

ML with B

Me and my big kid. I have searched for a few months and still have not found new Summer Sandals. These hurt my feet and legs after a couple days…oh the suffering…

I’ve heard houses South of the border are painted bright colors because of the intense heat. While that’s never been verified, I’m taking that as a sign for bright and bold Summer wear. It was 108 yesterday!! Yes, 108 degrees!!! Surely I’ll quit complaining about the heat next Summer? I might, I might not. I promise nothing.

The only change I made from the pattern was an extra wide belt. I’ve tried skinny belts, but I’m sort of over them; at least the fabric versions. To really boost my confidence, I received two unsolicited “cute dress” comments by unknown persons today at church. I was so giddy. Even my hubby, who is so so on many of my “me makes”, said how he liked this dress. Wow! I better work a few more of these into my wardrobe!

ML outside

I debated doing the pockets on the diagonal, but so glad I didn’t. Would’ve been too much I think.

Notice I derailed from my Fall sewing…going to be wearing a lot of tights this Fall I have a feeling…

walking in

My fellas.

**Just in case you’re on the fence with the Lottie pattern purchase. Christine is releasing a series of hacks (click here) to the pattern, to make it 6 more different ways. Seriously?! Talk about bang for your buck!**